Kelsey's dream travel destinations.

Who knows when, how, or with who, but 'where' is what I do know! Here's the places I'm really hoping to make it to one day or even later this year? And in no particular order, but these are the destinations I'm most currently interested in and I decided to add my reasons why. 

India- Everywhere and almost anywhere. There is so much to this country that I want to see! After reading Shantaram (years ago), I began to look more into the country and I can't imagine trying to go and see everything in just one trip!

Tanzania- This is a place that I just know I must make it to. It would be a step out of my comfort zone, but I can't imagine never experiencing seeing all of the amazing animals out in the wild.

Morocco- I'd love to someday specialize in travel to Morocco- even without ever having stepped foot there, it's been a long time dream destination for me.

Russia- The Hermitage Museum is reason enough to go, but I'd really really love to see some of the palaces!

Myanmar- Repeat after me: "River Cruise!" All it took was one webinar on the itinerary to Mynamar and it was added to my bucket list immediately.

Chile & Argentina- I'd love to see the region of Patagonia. I better start training now though, some of the hikes look a bit more intense than what I'm used to. Then an absolute must for me, would be to visit the Cuyo region of Argentina. Winecation, please. 

Phillipines- I want to enjoy white sand beaches and to island hop for weeks on end!

Bali- I'm surrounded by green living in Oregon, but I want to see the rice fields of Bali, the rugged coastlines, the mountains and hillsides. The landscapes look out of this world.

Vietnam- Another food driven trip and to see Ha Long Bay- touristic, but I'm sure it's a stunner. Temple hopping would most likely be my thing as well. 

Peru- There's this famous hike that you can do.... come on, you have to know it!

Portugal- No set plans, but I'd love to get a group together to explore the Duoro Valley. Any takers? You know how to find me and discuss this!

Romania- There are some awesome caves and great hiking to be had in this country. I'd also love to see some of the castles!

Greece- I've made plan after plan, to get to Greece, but it either falls through, or I think that I'm rushing it too much and I cancel. Aside from the obvious places, I want to see some of the smaller islands, get to know the locals a bit and what Greek life is like! A Santorini wine tour however, is on my bucket list.... 

Laos- I've heard some rave reviews of this area. So small, but so much character.

Norway- The ideal place for a bit of road tripping, traveling at my own pace. Stopping when and where I want. 

The Netherlands- Seeing the tulip fields would be incredible, but I really love the architecture on the buildings in this area.  

Egypt- When I was younger, I wanted to be an Egyptologist. 

South Africa- Penguins are on beaches here, white sand beaches, I have more reasons than this, but this is a good enough reason to start with. 

Thailand- I want to take cooking classes and eat food all day. Hang out with elephants and feed them. Discover white sand beaches.

Mauritius- Not an island very easy to get to, at least not as an American. But I read about it when I was younger and it's just something that stays with you and you dream of. 

Cambodia- Temples, palaces, monkeys, oh my!

Have you been to any of these? Let us know in the comments, which ones you have been to or if you're dreaming of some of the same places!