Offering you a custom travel experience. Let's get exploring!

Foreign to Domestic grew with one purpose in mind; to supply you and your family with the same passion for traveling that Kelsey Ebner, the proprietor, has experienced. We are all given a choice as to our own future. Mine was easy - to establish a company that expounds my personal love of traveling and transferring the greatest experiences, to you, the customer. No matter how seemingly small your trip is, you and your trip will be treated with the utmost awareness to your needs. It is my wish to make Foreign to Domestic as much a memory to you as your most memorable trip! So grab your bag and lets get ready to travel together.

If I can’t be traveling and exploring full time, my passion is to assist others with their travel dreams. I treat each trip, like I will be personally traveling with you. Making each stop on your itinerary, purposeful and memorable to your demands and interests.

Some of my favorite places:

1) Lake Garda. The drive from Sirmione to Riva, is absolutely incredible.

2) Malta. Unlike anything I'd ever seen in Europe.

3) Kruger National Park. A place I'll never forget and I never wanted to leave.

Where will your favorite places be?