Travel Advisor Meets Trip Designer

I don't call myself a travel agent – that doesn't embrace what Foreign to Domestic truly is.
I consider myself a mixture of travel advisor and trip designer.


Planning, or rather, designing a trip is where the magic begins to unfold (and is one of my favorite parts of traveling). From your vacation vision, I will create a completely customized travel itinerary for you and your traveling partner(s).

I start out by asking people, what are your “musts”. We all have a vacation must. Whether it is to try pistachio gelato from "Come il Latte" Gelateria in Rome, to finish a book by the sea, or to zip line through a rainforest, we all desire something – these opportunities are boundless. 

Are you overwhelmed and need an opinion on 2 distinct destinations? Tell me where you want to go and why! I'm here to present you with options that are realistic, within your time frame and that meet your pricing requirements. Pricing is tailored to your unique package. There won't be any hidden fees. From our first consultation, to discussing possible tour options and getting in touch just before you leave, my plan is to be with you every step of the way.

It's vital for me to know the large and small details so I can design your dream vacation. Together, we will create a trip for your personal desires and unique tastes.

My motto? Under plan (it's almost impossible, but I try to help with that!), under pack and over eat!


Package services include:

  • Phone consultation, before planning your trip and before leaving for your trip!

  • Accommodation at 4 or 5 star hotels

  • Ground transportation services, private transfers and/or ferry tickets

  • Concierge services for those who want assistance with tours and restaurant reservations

  • Air travel assistance, booking flights, including best flight schedules and fares

  • Destination information

  • Travel insurance options

  • Just because you're on your trip, doesn't mean we're off the hook! We want to be sure everything is going smoothly while you're on your trip as well.

  • Final call, after you've traveled. The call I can't wait to make, to hear all about your big trip and how it went!

P.S. Here are my "musts"

  • To be fed – really well! I travel for fantastic food and even more so, wine! I usually deserve it after all the walking I put myself through.

  • I like to be on the go and I travel to learn, so I book guided tours. Guides offer me a much deeper understanding of where I'm visiting, offering me a real perspective of the city.


      Let's begin