Andaz Mayakoba, Mexico

After hotel hopping quite a bit this year, I've come to realize I am alllll about that lobby and entrance to a hotel. You wouldn't know if you walked up to my house and saw the half dead potted plant that greets you, but truly, I live for the wow factor when I arrive to a new hotel. The front desk agent was trying to move forward with their check in process, meanwhile my head was in the clouds. You can't blame me though, because at the Andaz Mayakoba, their lobby is an open air and mostly open ceiling space (not a room). Modern, chic, but understated. It made me curious enough to come back in the evening to see what it would be like with the night sky.  


So with my welcome drink in hand (hibiscus juice with tequila- yum!), me and the front desk agent hopped on a golf cart and she whisked me away to show me some of the property and to check me into my room! After passing the spa and one of the restaurants, you'll round the corner and you'll see the first lagoon on the property. That's where you can find their more upscale restaurant, "Casa Amate". Each time I came to this view, no matter the time of the day, I would stop my bike and grab my camera or phone out for a photo.


Bike? This is one one of the lovely perks of staying at a property in Mayakoba. They leave bikes in front of your rooms, the restaurants, the spa, really everywhere you look you can find one to use. Though I didn't see people biking everywhere while I was there, and sometimes I didn't even see another golf cart on the paths, I had them all to myself! I hopped on the bike when I wanted to go to breakfast, when I went down to the beach and when I went down to the beach area for dinner. The little rides made me feel a bit better about the large amounts of guacamole I was consuming. 


This property is still fairly new, so occupancy was low because people are still beginning to discover it. So go discover it, before everyone else does! But I'm not done filling you in with my "why" list, so hold on while I finish with a couple of other reasons. I'll post a photo of one reason right here:


The beach is pretty darn special. A white sand beach, beautiful water and this cute little bent palm. I walked down to the beach and one of the staff ran up to me, to offer to carry my beach bag to a chair and umbrella of my choice. I think I opened a door once or twice the whole time I was on the property, there was always someone around to assist or ask if I needed something. 


Are you still needing more convincing? My photos aren't enough? So here's where things get exciting, at least this is what did it for me when I found this detail out. When staying at 1 of the 4 properties in the Mayakoba gated community, you can go and dine or visit the other properties. They have complimentary shuttles, either you take a golf cart or a car to the other hotels. Wait, you can even take the boat through the lagoon from certain hotel to hotel. The other hotels are the Fairmont, Rosewood and Banyan Tree. So for someone that needs a change of scenery, go and enjoy dinner at one of the other properties one evening! You'll be happy that you did, they are all fabulous in their own way. To top that off, you can still have that resort feel, don't even fret about bringing your wallet or purse with you, you can just tell the restaurant what hotel & room number you have and they'll charge it straight to your room.