Gift Guide

The "Got to have it" - Gift Guide!

Confession, I absolutely love reading through gift guides. Though by the time I get to the last thing on the page, I realize that I completely scanned through everything and pretty much only thought about what I would really like to buy for myself. Oops.

I've decided to create this list, because I'm a terrible gift giver. Even with all the grand ideas out there and all of the crazy advertising, I'm pretty well known for simply gifting a nice bottle of wine, for all occasions! So read on, be inspired and get your credit card ready people, oh have I got some ideas for you. (Or you can get these things for me- just message me for my address, hah!)


But wait! One more thing before we start, I'd like to say that it is so cliche' to only "give back" during the holiday season. Why not give whenever you can? I'm going to suggest it on here and remind you to either find a charity to donate to or even maybe a place to volunteer. With all of the fires happening in California at the moment and the floods that happened recently in Texas, find someone that is helping these families get back on their feet! Whether it's domestic or somewhere foreign, find where you can be of help and you'll realize that there are all types of ways to give back, all year round! You my dear, can make a difference. 

Even if you start by going through your cabinets, your garage and your closet, finding things that you don't use or haven't even maybe ever used. Don't be shy, us ladies will keep an item of clothing in our closet for years with the tag still on something, until we realize it's just time to let go of it. Find a drop off for the Salvation Army in your town and donate what you already have on hand. 


Speaking of starting local, shopping local is a really nice thing to do as well. Remember that cute boutique shop that you always pass by and never walk into or maybe your friend has started a business and you'd like to help them out- now is the time! 

1. Foraged HomeCreated by Tiffany Del Bosco Siladke, also the owner and creator behind Foraged Floral, this gal is obviously a crafty person! When she travels she will bring back goods from markets that she goes to or finds. For example you'll find in her shop some beautiful and unique looking wooden spoons and a round marble slab. These are just a couple of items that she brought back from her recent trip to Japan! I've subscribed to her newsletter and I can't wait to see what else she brings to the table...or the shelves! Get it? 

2. Simple Fish Wines - Gifting wine isn't the easy way out, if it's GOOD wine. So I'm helping you out here. I'm introducing you to Simple Fish Wines, owned and created by Jeff Fisher in Santa Barbara, California. Right now, if you buy 3 bottles (any of his bottles), you can have a free t-shirt, tank top or a hat! Keep the hat for yourself and gift out the 3 bottles? Just an idea! I'm asking Santa for another bottle of the Grenache, because I'm almost out!

3. La Rousse Shoppe - Let's start out by saying these are the cutest things ever, but also so so so timeless! Want to give a gift that someone will really and truly want to show off right after they unwrap it? Well that would be this ladies and gents, a Glass La Rousse Box (you can pick out the color and even add on glass etching!). Go through your your countless photos of you and your best friend and print off a handful of them (which you can print out at Costco for so incredibly cheap and easy these days) and purchase one of these glass boxes! Et voilà, you've not only given a thoughtful gift, but something your friend will hold onto forever. And I just have to say, this is also a fabulous gift to give to your mother- she'll probably cry, which is bonus points!


4. Lakeside Paper Co - For those of us that appreciate art, but can't craft anything with our own hands, we should simply buy art! Or gift yourself something... I'm not here to judge. Emily Maner, is the founder and owner of Lakeside Paper Co. As she says on her Instagram account she is "Inspired by nature and the places we call home". Once you look through her Etsy shop, you'll love how she brings nature to life in her work. Santa should bring me her acorn thank you notecards!

5. C. Leather Goods - Leather purses, belts, wallets, sandals, cute keychains, yes- all leather! Though I'll be asking Santa for the leather necklace, it's adorable and I know it would be so nice to travel with something as light weight and fashionable as this piece. Go take a gander at Clare Hazlett's creations, I'm sure you'll find more than one item that you want to scoop up! C. Leather Goods is based in Bologna, Italy, so you can tell your friends your purse really is from Italy, even if you didn't go there and grab it yourself! 

6. Caudalie Favorite's Set - I may or may not be adding this in, so my boyfriend can get the hint. This is packaged up love! Travel sized things, are the best and you don't have to buy the worst stuff (Target...ya need to up your game) for while you are traveling. So I bring you, the wonderful Caudalie Favorite's Set. For your traveler friend or for you! 

7. Seek Paper Co. - Create a memory, while creating something with a gal pal! Or even better, make this a fun day for you and your mom or sister to enjoy together. Seek Paper Co. is hosting a Beginner Modern Calligraphy workshop in January, which gives you plenty of time to gift this day, plan it and go for it! Hey, you might even see me there, if Santa gets it right this year. 

Have any local crafters, creators or characters that you'd like to share about? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear about more people here in the community. Or just places that you like to support!