Bangkok: Sukhothai Hotel

I was headed north, toward Bangkok, in a private transfer that was driving me away from the conference I had just participated in. Exhausted from the three days of meetings I just had, the sight of traffic, the big buildings and overall chaos that I was experiencing was bringing a new level of tired on. I was a bit worried that Bangkok may be a bit overwhelming for me from the looks of it. It was all in my head until we reached the security gate of the Sukhothai Hotel. We drove in, down the long driveway and happily left the crazy behind. I felt a sense of calm wash over me. This oasis of a hotel, is RIGHT in the mix of things, but you’d never know!

02_Sukhothaibkk_tree lines entrance .jpg

I was checked in at the Club Lounge Tower of the hotel. They took me up the elevator, sat me at their desk, handed me a wonderful welcome drink and cold towel, I was already relaxed. Shortly after, when I made it up to my room, I knew right away that I had made the right choice to stay here for my first couple of nights in Bangkok.

01_Club Room.jpg
01_Club Room_image1.jpg

When people say that they want a boutique hotel for their vacation, I have to ask more questions. Sometimes they really mean smaller, sometimes they mean a place with more character and feel for the destination. The Sukhothai isn’t a small property by any means, it’s quite large, but it’s SO serene, beautiful and personal. I was blown away by the service and each staff member that I encountered during my stay. They have a fabulous spa (that I experienced!), an absolutely gigantic and well equipped gym (that I didn’t partake in, but did look at), a gorgeous pool and outdoor area for those sun worshipers like me! I could just imagine spending half of the day out, exploring neighborhoods in Bangkok and coming back to this paradise to unwind for the rest of the afternoon; jump in the pool, float my stress away, enjoy a massage and then have dinner on property. Now that is a great day on vacation!

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I usually encourage people to go out and have dinner somewhere off property as much as they can since this can be an experience in itself when traveling. Though I travel often enough to know that having dinner at your hotel and only being a short walk to your room…can be a luxury in itself. So the dining options at a hotel are something that I carefully take note of while visiting a property. I enjoyed a stellar meal at their Thai restaurant Celadon, which in fact has been voted ‘Best Restaurant in Bangkok’ by Travel & Leisure.


I saw many hotels in Bangkok and this checked off all of my personal boxes for hotels that I love and I would without a doubt, highly recommend this property to my clients. When I send someone there, I know that the Sukhothai team will take good care of all travelers that walk through their doors.